This blog is about automation functional testing using Selenium. I will be posting useful tips and tricks on using the open source tool. I have faced many difficulties while working on the same, and have found some interesting solutions on how to overcome them. These solutions have come from my past experience and I will be sharing them as it may help others in finding solutions if they are facing similar difficulties. Hopefully, I will make some people happy.

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  1. I can only say, thank you buddy!! I been working with Selenium WebDriver and Java for quite a short time, and your workarounds and tips are great and helpful! Selenium really rocks when automation is a reliable option, thanks again for sharing this, and hope to see more posts!!



  2. Hi Am Working In web Driver How I can Run My Script in IE9 and i Dont want to Run Xml File can I changed file to Jar.exe ile How can i change can any one plz give suggetions to Particular Areas Plz

    • Hi Santhosh,

      To run any script in IE 9 through webdriver, there are two things to be done.
      1. Since with the latest version a separate IEDriver is available, you need add the same to your classpath.
      2. To overcome the exception generally thrown by WebDriver while trying to access IE just change the one setting in the IE 9. In IE, from the Tools menu (or the gear icon in the toolbar in later versions), select “Internet options.” Go to the Security tab. At the bottom of the dialog for each zone, you should see a check box labeled “Enable Protected Mode.” Set the value of the check box to the same value, either checked or unchecked, for each zone. Click on each of the item (Internet, Local Intranet, Trusted Sites, Restricted Sites) and make sure the checkbox in enable mode. This should solve your problem.

      Now you can run your code to test using IE.

      For the second question, what XML are you talking about. Are you using testNG xml and want to move some jar exe. Or is it that you want to run your test suite through command prompt?

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