What I need to know before starting performance testing of a WebApp

Performance testing is a niche area. The approach becomes a bit different for different types of applications. In this post, we’ll be focusing more on WebApps. To master performance testing of a WebApp, we need to understand the architecture of the application under test in detail. This will help us to find the right strategy for testing the application. Then we need to understand the running environment of the application, the network and protocols the application is using. Then we need to find the right tool to do performance testing.Read More »

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It’s been a long time since I last posted. Most of my posts have become old. I still do get some questions on the older posts. I’m back now and will answer most of the open questions which are still relevant.

Last 4 years, I had many adventures within as well as outside of testing world. I will start writing new articles on my learnings and will try to be regular. Apologies for the long gap to all my subscribers and followers. My future posts will not be selenium centric. I will be talking about multiple tools for multiple purpose. Hence, I’m going to modify the blog description also.

How to Handle GWT suggestions using Selenium?

It is a very common pattern now a days that many web application are being developed using Google Web Toolkit and it can be very challenging to test such applications sometimes using selenium. For instance, last few days, I was struggling to go past a scenario where the suggest box of one field was masking another WebElement. For this reason the other WebElement was not getting located by Selenium and my test was failing. After many hit and trials, I found a way to solve this problem. Read More »

A Better Way of Writing Selenium Scripts [Part – 1]

Many of us would be wordering what’s the best way to do scripting using selenium. Should we use ‘Data Driven Test Frameworks’, should we use ‘Keyword Driven Test Framework’ or should we combine both and use ‘Hybrid Test Framework’. Should we fetch the data from an excel sheet, or may be should we use XML files, or should we be more developer kind and use a Database instead. If you search on internet you will find many answers and arguments. Read More »

How to work with pop up windows using WebDriver?

It’s been quite some time since my last post. Here is problem we face many times. As time goes by coding standard rises and now a developer code in such a way that, it’s difficult to find different elements with names. One such difficulty come, when there is a pop up window appears on clicking a link and that has no name. Even with Selenium IDE, it’s difficult to find the handler name. What to do in such scenarios when we need to do some operation in the pop up window. Read More »