Setting Up Selenium IDE with Firefox

How do we set up selenium IDE? Before doing anything first we need to check if we have Firefox installed in our system. As we all know IDE is the integrated development environment, selenium provides to record, customize and run different test in Firefox. Since it’s a Firefox add-on, we need to have Firefox installed in our machines to use the same. The max version of Firefox currently supported by IDE is Firefox 5.0 and the current version of IDE is 1.0.12. So first we need to install Firefox in our machine which is available for all sorts of premier operating systems used worldwide and can be downloaded from for free.

Next we need to get the Selenium IDE from selenium website which is It will get downloaded as a .xpi file.

To install the same first open Firefox. The next thing we need to do is drag and drop the selenium-ide.xpi file to the open Firefox browser. After installation we need to restart Firefox to use the same. This cover the environment set up for the use of Selenium IDE.

Now the next question would from where do I launch the Selenium IDE. It’s quite simple. For Firefox 4 and up, click on the Firefox drop-down on top left corner and u can launch the IDE from the developer menu there. For any other Firefox with a version below 4, the IDE can be launched from Tools menu at the top. Now you are ready to use the IDE.

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